Who We Are

Studentlifehacks.org was launched in 2019 by recent college graduates who aimed at creating the platform about simplifying student life. What makes us different is that we focus on student hacks that we wish we knew from the first day on campus.

We know how it feels to come to a new place for the first time. No one knows you and you don’t know anyone; that’s both pity and fine. You can start your life all over again but at the same time you’ve got nobody to turn to (at least for the first couple of months). This is us who are ready to guide you through the first attempts of living alone and keeping track of your studying and wellness.

Why should I trust you?” you might have thought. Every hack we outline in our posts was checked by our team during their studying years. We do not fantasize about what we write; we have done it ourselves.

We cover a variety of issues you will be dealing with during your stay on campus: from cooking and cleaning your room to throwing parties and studying after them. You can find the topic you are interested in by clicking on the respective tags or using the search line.

We are here not only to tell you something new but also to get to know your experience. Do not hesitate to leave your comments on the posts to let us know which life hack worked for you or share your story of changing them to create your own.