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How to get a girlfriend in college?

Acquaintance with a girl in an educational institution is quite an interesting event. This option has its pros and cons though. This article describes in detail how to find a girlfriend at a university or college and how to overcome fear.

How to find a girlfriend in college: pros and cons

Whether it is a worthy idea to pick up a girlfriend in college depends on you. Indeed, during each acquaintance, there are good and bad sides. What are the advantages of dating a girl with whom you study at the same educational institution? 

  • You study together. This is a plus. You can see each other all the time while you are in the same classroom. If she studies in a different group, you can even help each other with homework. 
  • You can go to classes and from classes together 
  • There are a fairly large number of topics for conversation, much more than with a girlfriend who is studying somewhere else

Unfortunately, such communication also has its disadvantages. The cons include the following points: 

  • You study together. Yes, this is contradictory. After all, it may happen that relations with this girl do not work out. Due to the fact that you are studying together, you will have to be in touch somehow. Previous communication will not work out. 
  • If you study full-time, you have to spend a long time in the classrooms. For this reason, communication with this girl will be in full view. Sometimes you will feel like a participant in a reality show when relationships are viewed by outsiders with close attention to detail. 
  • If the girl does not want to get acquainted, your classmates will remember this failure for a long time. 

As you can understand, getting a girlfriend in college is a rather twofold process. There are both positive and negative sides to it.

However, if you still have a desire to get to know how to find a girlfriend, you should clarify all the features of dating in an educational institution and plan your steps in advance.

What are the options?

The very process of an acquaintance at a college or university is much easier than meeting on the street. Therefore, if you learn some useful tips on how to start a dialog, then it will not be challenging to get that desired phone number/Instagram profile anywhere. 

This means that at the university, the process of acquaintance occurs most often during some kind of test work. It may happen when discussing a topic with a partner, during a break, when you just communicate with your classmates and the like. 

How can you conquer your loved one at university?

  1. If the girl you want to date with is in your group, then just show your sympathy. 

For example, help write a test or an essay. You can also ask to assist you with some issues, then the conversation will start by itself, and you will only have to continue the dialog.

  1. If a girl is studying in another college, course, or group, then you need to try to create a situation when your acquaintances or some other case will introduce you. 

For instance, you deliberately, as if by chance, come across the girl you want to meet. Try to make her textbook to fall off her hand or something else that could not break. Pick it up, ask for forgiveness, and start a conversation on the most casual topic. But first of all, introduce yourself. 

The main thing here is to hold such a clash when the girl is in no hurry. Otherwise, she will simply run away to where she was late, and the conversation will not work. Well, even if she runs away, you will already know each other by chance and, next time, when you meet, there will be a reason to say “hello” and get acquainted. 

  1. The third option is to find her online. Imagine that you are afraid of approaching her to ask directly for a link on a social network. Then you have to turn your inner Sherlock Holmes on to reach her page somewhere on the net. Try to analyze what people can follow her or what geolocations she could use. After some hours, you will finally get that coveted profile. Obviously, the next stage is to start a conversation. 

At the same time, it is desirable to show attention and care, be sure to find out when her birthday is, and do not forget to congratulate her on this holiday. When you notice that a girl is communicating with you with great pleasure, you can take a step forward and invite her for a walk, that is, a date.

There can be many such options, think and adjust such a situation when you could meet a girl at the university.

Examples on how to find a girlfriend

Below you can read examples and phrases on how you can get to know each other in an educational institution. 

How to pick a girlfriend?

  • To attract a girl’s attention, do not be aggressive towards her. Don’t try to show her your masculinity;
  • It is a popular mistake when guys pay too much attention to the one they want to date with. Constant phone calls, text messages and billion likes and comments under each post on Instagram won’t improve the situation;
  • Bragging about your achievements and honors would be another mistake. Let her discover your inner world gradually.

Now consider good ways to get to know each other:

It’s worth contacting a girl if you are not in the crowd. It’s better to come up to a girl by chance, at a moment when she is ready for a conversation. For example, you can go up to the dining room and ask permission to sit at her table. Then, you should politely get to know each other. Ask which group she is from. Offer to take a walk after classes. 

What phrases can you start a conversation with? First of all, you can wish her bon appetit. When the girl finishes eating and starts drinking tea, you may ask: “What specialty are you studying for?” Ask if she likes to study. Tell her about your specialty. 

At the end of the conversation, ask her for a phone number. If you want to accompany her to a bus stop, you should ask permission for this. Then, ask her about her name, ask more about her specialization and tell her about her.

Remember that the best short answer on how to find a girlfriend is gallantry. Help her carry the bag, give her a hand when possible. Buy her small gifts.

Look carefully at a girl. If she is not in a hurry, this is the best time to approach her. Have eye contact. Smile at her. Surprise her. For example, you can start a conversation with the beauty with the phrase, “Oh, beautiful lady, let me get to know you better!” It is unlikely that she will refuse this form of getting acquainted. 

To sum up, always remember that when searching the answer on how to find a girlfriend, you need to be confident in yourself and gallant in relation to the girl. Most importantly, a crowd of friends is completely useless when it comes to finding a girlfriend in college. And most importantly, you need to be yourself when you get to know each other, without trying to seem better than you really are.