Homework Hacks and Tips

There will be no long story regarding how we (or you) hate doing homework. Instead, we will equip you with a few homework hacks and tips that work. Please note, it is highly advisable to try it at home without hesitation. We checked every homework hack before presenting it to you.

Homework Hacks

1. Do your homework at the same time every day

The first of our homework life hacks will be about creating the habit.

The same works for eating, sleeping and other daily routine you have. Practicing this homework hack will help you make studying your habit. Thus you will perceive the tasks you should do at home as an ordinary action, e.g. cleaning your teeth instead of thinking that homework is something tough or boring.

Of course, there will be days when you will not study and use this homework hack. But still, if you don’t have a habit to do your homework, procrastination will not affect you.

2. Pack your things in a small container

It is often a problem for the student to find a pencil or a pen. With this homework hack, you will waste less time on organizing your place before work. All you need to do is  buy a caddy where all your writing accessories will fit and put them as you like.

3. Divide your table.

If you live in a dorm and need to share a table with your roommate, it will be a good idea to make the dividers for it. We do not suspect your neighbor to take more space than you; we suggest this homework hack for increasing your concentration. You can also make the pockets on these dividers to put a pencil, a pen, an eraser there.

4. Try the Pomodoro technique.

It is one of our favorite life hacks for homework. The technique of work and rest alternation always brings order if you have a messy mood or procrastination took over you.

How does it work? You set a timer for 25 minutes and study until they are over. After that, you set the timer for 5 minutes to take a break. It does not matter how you will spend your time to rest. You can eat, do some physical activity, etc. But remember, when the 5-minute period is over, you should go back to your homework immediately for the next 25 minutes. These periods of work are called ‘pomodori’ and when you have done 4 such periods, you can take a longer rest that ranges 15-30 minutes. This homework hack was created almost 40 years ago and still, people all over the world enjoy using it. So why shouldn’t you try?

Do not forget to share your experience with Pomodoro in the comments below this post.

5. Reward yourself.

The final homework hack will be helpful if you have not developed the habit we were describing in the first  point but still, need to study something you don’t like. Reward yourself with a cup of coffee with the topping you adore, a movie you wanted to watch, etc.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t reward yourself in advance. In such a case, you risk of falling into a trap of procrastination will increase and the homework hack will not work.

Homework Tips

1. Do the research

The first one of our homework tips list will be checking whether any research is needed for your assignment. If so, it is better to take this step before you start writing. Thus you will be able to create a clear statement for your essay or paper and your instructor will see your deep understanding of the subject.

2. Ask the instructor for the details.

It would be better if you make this hack your habit, too. Once you are given the new project to work on, get to know the details from the instructor and take notes. If you have questions during the homework, outline them in your notebook to ask in the class. Don’t be afraid to sound like a nerd: if you are too shy to ask questions, you are at risk of misunderstanding the task, therefore don’t think what your classmates may think about you.

3. Create a plan.

If the task is heavy and requires days to finish, break it into small tasks and divide them for each day. With this homework tip, you will work at a moderate pace and avoid leaving it for the last hours before the deadline.

4. Rewrite your draft.

Do not expect to write an essay from the first attempt. Actually, the first attempt is often messy and needs editing and proofreading, so please take your time to do it. There are  plenty of writing tools on the web to improve your grammar and wording, so feel free to use them before submitting the task to your instructor. This homework hack will improve your grade from the first time you use it.

5. Give the homework to someone for feedback.

Your roommate can contribute to your grade much by providing you with feedback regarding the quality of your homework. Just ask her or him for help and pay attention to the comments you receive. You even may help in the same way to others and do it on a regular basis.

We look forward to reading about your experience with our advice. Also, if you know another homework hack or two you enjoy using, please share it in comments.