Is survival selfish essay: my own view

Ever since ancient times, the will to survive has been the primary motivation for improving the quality of life and introducing various technologies. This desire eventually led not only to all kinds of useful inventions but also to the formation of most modern social institutions. Over time, the simple and understandable desire to survive has turned from a necessity to a kind of selfish whim. We propose to learn from our write my essay how modern society evaluates the desire to fight for survival and what its place is in today’s system of social values.

Why is the desire to fight for survival evaluated so negatively by society?

The desire to fight for one’s life has its roots in the deep instincts that made mankind not only survive in the struggle with wild nature but also take a leading position on Earth. Initially, the struggle for survival had an individual character, but gradually it came to be understood that together it was better to fight against external threats and work to improve the quality of their lives. So in the life of mankind appeared society, which determines the laws and ways of development of each of its members to this day.

With the growth of technology, the need to gather together to fight and survive disappeared of its own accord, but the social institutions formed in this way remained. And all those who tried to go their own way were despised and called selfish. These prejudices are still alive in modern conditions, where everyone is the master of his own happiness. The question of survival takes on a new meaning and a need for rethinking. Most representatives of modern society have a negative attitude toward so-called individualists and believe that survival in the modern world is a myth and a whim because all the goods of civilization have already become available, so there is no need to fight for them.

However, this is not entirely true. The struggle for survival in today’s world is no longer a struggle for possession of certain resources or goods. Rather, it is the right to live as one’s inner moral prejudice dictates. This is why it would be wrong to call the process of survival selfish–it is a deep inner instinct that exists regardless of the external conditions of life. It is a basic need that can only be controlled to a certain extent so that it does not go beyond the generally accepted social framework and does not violate the rights of other members of society to self-realization and the search for their place under the sun. Survival in modern conditions is a search for a job and a place to live that will provide maximum comfort, it is an opportunity to choose a life partner and to do what does not violate the laws of nature. So those who call survival selfish simply ignore the very laws of human existence in particular and society in general.